Williamsburg Brooklyn Restaurants Review

Williamsburg BrooklynSince I moved to williamsburg, brooklyn last year, I want to find good restaurants in williamsburg where I can go back to. I started to check out restaurants from foodie blogger’s recommendations and their top choices in Williamsburg brooklyn restaurants review. I have to say it’s not necessary all good. Here’s what I think so far.

Great *****


1. Fette Sau : Great BBQ with delicious sauce. I thought the dinosaur BBQ is the best in nyc until I tried Fette Sau.

2. Egg : Solid/basic breakfast menus. Easy to eat feeling healthy and warm environment.

3. Cafe Mogador : yummy morrocan food near the river. I was surrounded with lots of interesting fasion ppl. It was fun.

4. Radegast Hall and Biergarten :  Like the atmosphere. There’s live music sometimes and good draft beers.

5. Fornino : Pleasantly surprised with the fungi misti pizza. Tiramisu was very good too!

Good***(but I think overrated by lots of reviewers)


1. Traif : It was good. It’s popular and has good reviews. Food was good (especially coffee ice cream donuts was amazing. ahhh but some are just okay like strawberry short ribs and some others). The atmosphere is just alright; cramped and overall environment can be improved.

2. St.Anselm : The steak is famous but I wasn’t sure and also some side dishes.. I liked the atmosphere. It was cozy, and would be great for date night. Liked the open kitchen with attentive service. I would say food is just good or maybe okay?

3. Bozu : Not bad. There are so many good japanese restaurants in nyc. I wouldn’t compare this one..

4. Zenkichi : liked the secret/intimate japanese atmosphere but food was really average !! (I had so much better japanese than this) and not worth for the $$$ you have to pay for.

5. Sweet Chick : this is one of the most overrated restaurant!! I really don’t see why this place is popular. (maybe because of the location) waffle and chicken was so average and portion was small. We ordered a few others but sadly, I can make better than those dishes..Pies and Thigh is so much better.


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