Turning to Vegetarian

I’ve never thought about myself turning to vegetarian but I’m considering it. The India trip gave me an opportunity to think about what I usually eat, good food and bad food for my body. I guess when I think about my eating habit before, my body naturally attracts food that I can digest better like fruits, vegetables, soy milk, etc. but I’ve never thought about why? and how food can actually change my mind and body.

Thanks to India trip (after all the crazy parts), this can be a good takeaway for me. How food can really change our lives and how can we eat better and feel better?

From Ashram experience, some of the takeaways can be :

1. Eat less : we kinda feel satisfied when we are full or we eat a lot because there are some food left. Our body needs less  amount to function than we think.

2. Eat vegetables

3. Blended, light taste : when we go to restaurants or even we cook, we are used to eat heavy seasoned food either salty or sweet or just heavy flavor so we can actually barely taste the main ingredients. I learned that simple home cooking food can start with less salt and use the right ingredients to taste good without adding too much tastes into a dish.

4. Eat with awareness : when we eat, we are used to talk or watch/read sth. But eating activity is crucial to our living and we can’t liv e without. We should take our time to appreciate what we eat every bites and be grateful to eat a good meal that is prepared by us or somebody else.

5. Eat quality food : I think the quality food should be organic, natural, well-balanced, and delicious.



By Holly

eating more veggies and thinking about art of living

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