Daily Wellness

I see wellness everywhere. Beautiful gyms, more people in yoga studios, green juice shops and healthy scense are easier to find than before. I love it. Personally I’ve been advocate for healthy mind and body life and it seems that more people are getting this.

I’m interested in wellness, people’s life, what makes life better, happier and worth while to live everyday? what’s your answer for this? I’m a true believer of real wellness in life not just following the trends but incorporate and make our own wellness in life. Wellness is a big part of reason why I live everyday. Personal wellbeing, it sounds like luxurious and the concept was luxurious before but I don’t think it’s the case anymore. It becomes must have and optional for some people. For better society and quality of life, wellness should be available for everyone and people should prioritize this more than ever. Because I believe when you are well physically and mentally, you are good to yourself and to others.

But it all starts from ourselves. How can we be well all the time? We do traveling, go to spa, or eating good food to satisfy our needs sometimes but we want something more than just occasional vacation, or temporary events to relax. We are looking for more fulfilling, long lasting contentment. It’s something everyone should think about. So I guess I try to be more conscious about my wellness routine and how a little thing can make days better.

So far, this is what I found I do to be well.



My husband was laughing at me before. He feels like he is having a dog that always want to walk at night (a demanding human dog?? lol). I like night walk when the air gets chill and area gets quieter. I enjoy walking for a while. It refreshes mind and force me to get out of my zone. A few studies proves that walking 20 min everyday actually helps your brain function better and walking can be a good way to release stress as well. Also, I found it’s easier to talk with my husband while walking than at home. At home, surprisingly, we do have many distractions and sometimes it’s better to put behind it and walk.

Slow Breathing


I do meditation and try to do everyday in the morning and at night. My meditation got shorter from 20 min to 10 min but I’m still happy I’m doing it. I don’t do any special thing during meditation. I just slow down my breathing, slow down my thinking and just be where I am physically and mentally. Meditation or conscious breathing somehow gives perspectives of me as the 3 rd party. You know sometimes you are in your head and you feel stuck? but slow breathing helps to free myself from everything. It sounds weird but it freshen up cloudy thoughts.



Writing for me is another form of feeling well. I don’t know what I’m going to write about. I like free style writing just like right now. During writing, I can think anything and just write whatever it’s in my head, After writing, I leave record for myself to look at later. It can be a tool of observing myself (if I overthink something or think about sth bigger than it is) Also, somehow I deliver better what I really want to say than speaking at the moment. I used to write letters a lot especially to my dad who I don’t usually talk too much when I was growing up. I think he gets better about me at that time than just talk.



I love good smell. Good smells bring memory and make me feel special! I can be present and smell ‘the moment’. When I smell and the feel the moment, I talk to myself everything is okay, no it’s great! It’s so easy to be happy, right? I’ve got into aromatherapy a while. Not necessarily I try to cure myself with it but how the natural aromas can bring joy. I like almost better than candles sometimes.(although I love good smell candle) Essential aromas are all natural and fun to mix and match. and It’s amazing all the essential oils are pure extract from real beautiful plants and it gives us so much pleasure. (another big appreciation for nature in general) I strongly recommend aroma diffuser before bed or anytime when you are at home. Depends on my mood, I add a few drops of essential oils and it’s all good. I also use aromatherapy body oils sometimes after shower or bath and it’s very soothing and relaxing.



My go to eat for ‘wellness’ mood is smoothie. I love smoothie. After or before work out, I add many berries to make it fruity and thick. When I crave sweet, instead of getting cheese cake or donut(which I do sometimes!), I make chocolate peanut butter smoothie to satisfy my strong craving for sweets. It’s been working very well. For nutritious heavy breakfast, I make smoothie with green powder (veggie powder), whey protein, and nut butter. I love it any occasions. I sometime wish to have smoothie or fresh green juice at bar instead of beers. It’s weird.. but it is true. Of course when my wellness mood goes down, I eat pizza sometimes, best food on earth!!

I guess this is the list so far. It’s nothing fancy or exquisite at all. I’m just a normal person (singing). But I think the point here is to be mindful and aware of what I do for myself. Be conscious and aware of it. I do it because I care about my wellness, wellbeing. I hope and recommend everyone prioritize their wellness and be well.

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