Product Management Part 1

Recently, I’ve been learning about product management at General Assembly.

I’m having new angles to product management everyday more and more I study it. I’m new to this. I’ve worked with product development before but it focused on more physical product than digital side. So far, I have learned a few points  :

  1. Building a product from scratch is a complicated process. 

First, you need to know what product will you build, and consider it seriously why you want to build it. Of course, loving a product you are going to build is a good reason to start but it’s necessary to think what kind of resource, technology, knowledge you already understand  and have in the product market. More you understand, you will plan it smart, you will picture it close to the final product. I choose a product that I love and believe but more and more I work on and I see my starting point. wow, I didn’t even think of lots of possible aspects. I see myself a little thoughtless.  Maybe, that’s why people say that more practice, I will learn more. 

2.  Understand and assess a product and decide whether maintain or kill it.

Once you decide on a product, you need to understand about the product and market based on some basic forms such as product life cycle (development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline), product dev cycle (identify, plan, develop, evaluate, launch, assess, maintain or kill), market analysis etc and then start build your tool to execute it. It can be agile scrum, kanban, lean methodology. (I think these tools take some time to learn & practice, this tool can be flexible to use depends on product and each situation. but you need to ‘get the concept’ first to make it your own.

3. Understand your users

Assume that you already spent all your time and energy into a product you believe and turns out your potential user think the product is lame or not sexy to use. ;(..Personas will help you to think your user, not only focus on whether this person will use your product but also understand the pattern? of user by picturing their lifestyle. So, you need to think a likable, realistic person like people around you when you make your personas.  Additionally, it will be helpful when you need to make a decision on building the product(sth like whether you need to add some functions or feature or not). I found this part challenging because I need to narrow it down and focus on it meaning build your product based on a few persona that I choose & believe. What if, while I’m narrowing it down, I let strong potential users go from my picture or I choose wrong users(against my assumption) that may not use my product later. Now, I will think of it as it’s good to know and do than nothing.

2nd part of product management is coming soon 🙂

If you want to understand more, check out this article from GA! what is product management?


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