Product Page

How do you normally describe your product? Just speak whatever comes up in your mind or write with bullet points or make a long product page (BRD, PRD, MRD, FSD, TS, etc..)? Well, so many ways to describe your product. Does your product page take long time to create? Was it ignored after you spent so much time making your precious product pages and your stakeholder doesn’t see the value on it? In order to avoid these situation, you can try this method!
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Wireframe and Storyboard

I have heard about wireframe and storyboard before but never got to understand what those are. It was nice doing wireframe and storyboard group work last night. However, How actually often use these wireframe & storyboard in product management? The answer is all the time from my instructor but if you are product manager, you are not neccessarily doing this job all by yourself. If you have ux designer in your company, they would do it for you. Still, it’s good to understand what these are and how to do it.

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