Making Peace With Yourself

Movie – Good Will Hunting

A good movie doesn’t age. I watched the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ again and it is still good (as good as the first time). After the movie, I was paused for a while.

Good Will Hunting looks at the way a person can open their heart and connect with others in a real way; its something worthwhile to reflect on.

People change, its what makes us human. Caring from someone change’s us as much as it can change another. Overcoming fear or weakness, and being vulnerable can be powerful change events. When Will cried, it was the moment of change; his resistance to change melted and it was the start of something new. 

Ultimately, what we want is peace in life; peace with ourselves. When we have it, we don’t need to fight against our inner voice and intuition but go with the flow. Though we are not used to doing that because we learn to fit into society. But as we slowly unlearn all the things we know, we find new ground where we feel good and comfortable.

In our own ground, we accept ourselves fully. Acknowledge what bothers us instead of denying it, what we are afraid of losing, what’s blocking us to connect. As we make progress with this, we can finally love ourselves and others better. 

Where are you in your life? What’s challenging you? What are you unlearning about yourself? 

By Holly

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