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Fun lazy things to do in NYC

When you live in ny for a while, you probably cover main attractions like museums, theaters, concerts, famous restaurants and others. and one day you don’t feel like doing any of cultural stuffs, major activities but still find a way to enjoy yourself.

What can we do? Here’s a few ideas, fun things to do in nyc!

  1. One night, go to china town. Go get some dim sum ( I like nom wah tea parlor) and get foot massage nearby. If you have more energy left, there are some fun bars and easy clubs nearby. So, explore freely with well massaged foot and happy belly.
  2. I like late night out sometimes. It’s just fun sometimes to dine out late and the atmosphere of late night out. We have this oven brick pizza shop that opens late and the pizza is amazing! (Paulie Gee’s – one of the best in nyc) Get the spicy honey pepperoni pizza and beers. Enjoy the late night out and the delicious food.
  3. Donut tasting. One of the great things about nyc is that there are so many good sweets and food. Can’t resist!! I’m getting into donuts. The delicious fry bread with glazed top. yum yum. My favorites are doughnut plant, peter pan, dough, etc. Just go and get a few donuts that looks good and eat with tea or coffee. It’s so satisfying!!!
  4. or desserts out! So many good bakeries but I should say my favorite choices are rice to riches (the delicious rice puddings!) or dominique ansel bakery (everything there are so good!!) or if those options are a little far, maybe kayser. (their pain au chocolate and cream bowl dessert (can’t think of name) are very good)
  5. check out local bands. I was not interested in local musics until I saw El ten eleven from williamsburg music hall. They are not local band but I just loved their music. I didn’t know them until I got there. Usually many music venues accommodate interesting bands. It’s so easy, nth overwhelming experience. Also, if you find bands you like, it’s really satisfying and fun experience.
  6. cooking something new. Even though you are not super into cooking, if you can actually make quality, delicious food with fresh, unique ingredients, it’s worth trying. and it’s fun! NYC has many specialty super market from fresh italian pasta to the best quality meat-butcher shops. Choose a recipe and get unique ingredients that you haven’t tried!
  7. cocktail tasting. When I moved here a few years ago, I feel like I should try all the best restaurants and bars. When I have the mindset, it’s hard to enjoy the whole experiences. First time is to check off the list, second we go back to check if it’s still good. Third time and more, we actually can enjoy the place and drink the drink.
  8. Jazz night. If you enjoy jazz, there are many charming small jazz venues in nyc. I prefer to go weekdays than weekends since weekends get more crowded. When it’s not too crowded and pushed, the experience seems more enjoyable but of course the band matters too.
  9. Walking the city. If you like walking like me, there are many places to walk and have fun. I like walking brooklyn bridge around sunset time, high line in chelsea and get dessert in chelsea market (although it’s a little crowded), central park and stop at museums for special exhibition if you feel like.

Now I see, half of the list are food related. 😀


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