Delivering Happiness By Tony Hsieh

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO, Online shoe store, the well-known customer service, and creating happy culture.

Creating culture in business is not a new concept. As the book, Good to Great, mentioned, people are the keys to bring your business from being good to be great. That’s why good companies care about company culture and try to make it better. We are not only talking about creating fun culture like #happyfridayhours, pingpong table, beers, breakfast bar, unlimited vacation (we all love that!) but more than just recreational, think about fundamental needs and fullfil the needs.

It’s inspiring what delivering happiness creates and tries to achieve.

1. Creating a concept ‘Happy working culture’ and more

As one research said, more than 85% people in the US go to work because they have to. We spend most of productive hours at work but if we have to spend it in vain… It’s a big loss for ourselves and company. Creating happy culture makes employees are happy to do their work so that influences on work productivity, all pluses for business side.

DHB Framework

2. Global Movement : building inspiring communities, providing education, resources, campaigns, speaking events, etc

Delivering happiness is a separate business, a startup that tries to make a global movement not only for Zappos but also for other companies to build inspiring communities, educate why happiness matters, speaking events all over the world. Whether it’s started as a profitable business model or from a pure purpose of delivering hapiness not, it’s a win-win business model.

3. Fun factor : las vegas project, festival, party bus, #lifeisbeautiful, #happyhunt

Art, music, food, inspirational speakers, happy people, what can be better than this?!! They are building an envious group of community and culture!


Conclusion : It’s a movement for creating happy work culture and inspiration. I admire the purpose and initiation and Look forward to seeing the progress and changes.

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