Create The Space

The thoughts and feelings come and go. It’s natural. One day we are full of energy, everything is on track and exciting. The next day everything goes down hill.

We are weak. Once negative emotions and thoughts take over, we struggle and get sucked into the rabbit hole. But, we are also strong because we have the power and intellect to go through and even to be much better than we were before.

But we need to work for it. We can’t rely on thoughts and feelings to be positive every day because it will never be, but we can plan for bad days. ‘The space.’

Magic happens in the space. The space doesn’t require us to travel – no car, no walk, no getting in line. Because it’s at our home. It can be a chair or a cushion on the corner of our room. When you are in the space, only good things happen. Our mind gets quiet. We start listening to birds outside or deeper to ourselves. We smell what’s around and we feel what’s touching our skin. In the peaceful space, anxiety disappears and there are only good thoughts that unfold and we feel alive. It’s the space where we create magic.

In the space, every minute is gold, priceless. It can’t be bought. It’s heaven in our head. Only good things happen here. We think about happy memories, daydreaming, and all the good things we forgot we have. It’s full of blessings.

The best part of the space is we don’t need to wait. It’s available anytime whenever we need it.

Do you have the space? What’s the space look like for you?


Making Peace With Yourself

Movie – Good Will Hunting

A good movie doesn’t age. I watched the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ again and it is still good (as good as the first time). After the movie, I was paused for a while.

Good Will Hunting looks at the way a person can open their heart and connect with others in a real way; its something worthwhile to reflect on.

People change, its what makes us human. Caring from someone change’s us as much as it can change another. Overcoming fear or weakness, and being vulnerable can be powerful change events. When Will cried, it was the moment of change; his resistance to change melted and it was the start of something new. 

Ultimately, what we want is peace in life; peace with ourselves. When we have it, we don’t need to fight against our inner voice and intuition but go with the flow. Though we are not used to doing that because we learn to fit into society. But as we slowly unlearn all the things we know, we find new ground where we feel good and comfortable.

In our own ground, we accept ourselves fully. Acknowledge what bothers us instead of denying it, what we are afraid of losing, what’s blocking us to connect. As we make progress with this, we can finally love ourselves and others better. 

Where are you in your life? What’s challenging you? What are you unlearning about yourself? 


Learn to Be Kind

My husband and I did cross country from new york to san francisco in July 2017. It was one of our bucket list for a long time and it was finally time to check off that list. We saw many things – different states, landscape, food, culture and people. But more than anything, one of the highlights we had was people we met during the trip. We were lucky to meet some interesting kind people during the road trip but Bill from Nashville inspired me the most and think about how I can be a better person.

So, we were driving into Nashville from Columbus, Ohio around lunch time and excited for the famous hot chicken in the town. It was a popular chicken place so the seats were limited at that time. We ended up sharing a table with this normal men who had sculpted beard with bald head. We started to chat about our road trip so far and he was sharing about his story. He said he travels quite a lot too and doing cool stuffs like designing motorcycles and fun things. Among many stroies , his success story, his philosophy in his life were very interesting.

He started his business with $250 and built a successful business pretty quick within 2-3 years.As a struggling entrepreneur, of course I want to find out more about him. and he was kindly sharing his story. First he said “building a business and running a successful company is easy.” I told him “really? I don’t think so.” and he said “it’s easy as long as you really have fun and want it badly” and I said “but still it’s not easy. Given my situation, I’m struggling to make every steps every day” Easy words sounded too easy to say than it done. But he said sth like “do it when you mean it and do it really well”  and also once you do it, do whatever it takes and Hustle. Meeting him in person who really did it was inspiring to me. It’s very easy to say but in real life, we got caught up with details in life and don’t end up doing or giving up. But I think the strong, genuine drive makes nothing impossible. Later he said it’s not easy but it’s easy when you are having fun with it.

One another thing he showed us was kindness to strangers. He asked us where we stay in nashville and we told him the hotel name we would stay. and He said the hotel doesn’t have good reputation and immediately called his assistant to arrange a room in his boutique hotel. We just met him in this restaurant sharing a table and he just offered us to a place to stay in for free..We didn’t know how to respond and whether we should accept it or not,, and the place was ended up 3 bedroom beautiful loft apt located in the heart of nashville. We were amazed at that time what’s happening to us and, why he would do this kind thing for us.. We are just strangers to him. we have nothing to give. We ended up finding out later he sends 20,000 small motor bicycles to kids every christmas and doing a lot of good things around him. Receiving this big kindness was weird but grateful and inspiring experience. Just being kind and generous to strangers sound weird at first but after this experience, this inspired us to give this kindness someone else, spread it out more..

We talk about ‘be kind’ a lot but how often we be really, authentically, genuinely kind without any returns to people around us and strangers who we barely know? Receiving kindness from Bill inspired us to give this inspiration to someone else. Let others know what’s like to receive kindness and inspire others to do the same thing to other strangers wherever, whoever they are.