After Gratitude and Trust Summit 2015

Gratitude and trust are two big words. Although I do 10 minute daily meditation, it’s not easy to practice the words and I always felt there should be something more. I am eager to learn more about the meaning behind these words.

Thanks to Susan, I was fortunate to attend the gratitude and trust summit 2015 yesterday. Before I attended, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After attending the event, here are a few thoughts about the conference.

1. A few takeaways

Be kind to people

Can we be kind to people? Can we be conciously kind to people who we met regardless who they are?  I recently realized that being conciously kind to others is nice not only for them but also for myself. Being able to kind makes me feel better. Kindness, small gesture could really make other people’s life and being able to do it first is not easy if it’s not habbit of mine but I’m trying to create the habbit. I want to do one small gesture of kindness every day.

“We” not “me”

WE concept is interesting. WE can do more than me and WE can create something greater than doing by myself. but that’s not only reason we have to think about WE. When people start to think about WE, it’s not only we will achieve our dream faster and bigger but also we can create a better world by helping each others that feeling loved and cared.

Get busy living or dying

Ron Gold story was powerful.. Anything can happen to any one of us. When hard times come, we start asking questions. Why me? I have asked myself this question. But, when we are in tough situation, we need to decide either get busy living or dying. There’s no middle ground..What would you do?

One less One more

Life can be complicated. As we get older, there are more not less in relationship, life, stuffs at home, work and more. Remove unnecessary activities / items / worries / thoughts and to add one thing what we love in  life. Can you imagine doing this every day for a month and how much change you could make?

2. Only older people can feel real gratitude

I would say the average age of participants are 40-50ish years old. People who went through something in their life get life what is all about, what life means to them. Until something forces us to think about it though, we normally don’t take time to think about life we are living in. Why? We are just busy living! It’s not necessary to think about. No one will give you rewards or recognize you to think about life! What happened to most people is that as we get older, we have more experiences, ups & downs and start to have some perspective on life.. but I feel that the perspective and wisdom that was shared at the platform was very valuable and I wish there were more young people listening to this. This can enrich people’s earlier life and create more postivie energy towards to future.

I heard this a lot. Life is journey, and the process not the destination. but I had hard time getting the real concept. I have grown up in a way that everything is about results and without a good result, your work doesn’t mean anything.. But when I look back on the last few years, I could have appreciated my effots and experiences more – regardless of the result.

I am who I am because of all the experiences and people I meet along the way. I haven’t cared enough about the process because I have gotten consumed with the result. If I was not obessessed with myself, the goal, and the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be, I could’ve enjoyed more of what was going on that time. If I had trust in myself that I will get where I want to go, I didn’t have to be anxious but do my best every day and learn to do better. It’s true that we are a creator of life and universe. It’s all up to us how we live everyday.

3. Dynamic speaker list

I really enjoyed the dynamic speakers from poet to singers, entrepreneurs, and more. Seeing people’s gratitude in different expressions was inspiring to me. Usually, speakers at a good conference is full of successful people who have fame, money, power or whatever. It’s all good. They have that for a reason and there are things we can learn. But, actually, I learned a lot from people who would be younger than me or just are people like me! From Hollywood Anderson who has great voice and trust the gift he has to Gregory who works so hard for youth education and read the beautiful poem to everyone in the end of his talk, a successful entrepreneur who has HADD talking about his life and what he thinks about gratitude. Gratitude is not coming from one form or a person but with different expressions and experiences. It was great opportunity see the dynamics.

Regardless of ages, races or standard of success, because we are all humanbeing, we think of depth of life and feel grateful of living the way we live.

I felt grateful to be there to see the people who have gratitude and trust and be there to share (althought some topics must be difficult to share in public). I had the humble feeling after all.

4. What’s next?

Gratitude and trust should be a part of every person’s daily life. I hope there will be more opportunities for impressive people to meet to share what they are grateful for. I want to express my gratitude to the organizers for the conference and hope the platform grows to further inspire people.

Gratitude & Trust Summit


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