2014 Lessons Learned

2015 starts tomorrow. Looking back now at some of 2014 lessons learned I begin to see where i’m headed.

2014 has been the year for big life changes and exploring the possiblilities ahead of me. Just some big events include moving to Brooklyn and getting married in Maui. Wow. I like big life events – milestones that occur only once. I am hoping, whatever happens in the future, every year I will achieve as many of these milestones as I have in 2014.

Every year around this time, I have been somewhere different. Last year, I was in Del Ray, Florida. In 2012 I was in Shanghai, China. I found I like the change. I like todo something different. I like to be somewhere different. And, I like the moments I take to reflect, like right now writing this on the last day of 2014.

Thinking about my 2015 resolutions, I realize I am passionate about innovation – getting inspired by people, work, and seeig it in the end result, the product. That’s sth I need to keep in mind..

So many lessons learned in 2014 such as :

  1. Action should be taken when I have any idea (Just do it!)
  2. Open myself to others and get connected with good people
  3. Meditation and know myself more ‘what do I want in my life’, ‘what’s my mission’
  4. Strong belief in myself and stay positive
  5. If you have a problem, think about whether it’s right problem to figure out or wrong problem that dig a hole to deadend.

Towards to the end of this year, I really did what I learned and my life is already changing. I am connecting with good people, opening myself up to interesting opportunities, sharing with others the challenges I have, and asking for help when I need it.

I like what I’m doing; I’m going to do more in 2015. One more thing I learned is my goals can change shape, but the vision – what I stand for – won’t. It is very important I keep reminding myself to strive, to struggle, and close in on where I want to go.

without action, the world would still be an idea

2015, I’m going to live with this reflection in mind.


Feeling good.. 🙂




By Holly

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