16 creative ways to make ramen

Per capita, South Koreans consume the greatest amount of instant noodles, ramen, 69 servings per year. -from wikipedia-

How many instant noodle, ramen do you eat every year? 69 serving means you are eating ramen at least once a week for a year and sometimes two times a week. When you eat ramen often, you better to be creative or you will easily get bored with the same ramen everyday.

I want to share secret recipe ’16 creative ways to make ramen’ from serious korean ramen eater.

He or She analyzed this for long time and post the ramen recipe.

1. Add sugar (1/2 spoon) per ramen

Believe it or not, this is big secret recipe from the ramen lover’s favorite local store’s owner

2. Add black pepper or (chopped) red pepper

I tried this and recommend it!

3. Add tofu 

Of course, you will feel good about having protein in your ramen and also the taste should be good but make sure to cook the tofu enough in the soup till it’s tender

4. Add perilla leaf (5-7 piece) or sea weed 

Some people get addicted to this perilla leaf! I personally love it too

5. Add a little vinegar

It suppose to add the ramen flavor

6. Add *seasoned egg

Whisk egg, salt, sesame oil, pepper and add the egg on the edge of ramen pot so that the egg will spread out throughly when the ramen is almost done. Don’t add the egg too early that makes it too hard or too late that makes the egg too raw.

7. Add garlic

Like garlic pasta, add minced garlic in the beginning of cooking.

8. Add cheese on the top of ramen when it’s almost cooked. It’s better to eat it with noodle like pizza than make cheese flavor soup (so, don’t whirl it with soup).

9. Use different soup

If you have left over soup (not a creamy one, hmm maybe creamy one would work too), add it to your ramen soup.

10. Add coffee a little if there’s fishy smell

I never had fishy smell in my ramen before but if you have one, add a little coffee powder. It removes the fishy smell from ramen.

11.Add tabasco sauce

Yeah, it add some delicious flavor

12. Use anchovy soup

In Korea, Anchovy commonly is used when they make soup or small dishes. It’s simple to make it. In boiling water, add dried anchovy (5-6 pieces) and boil it for 10 min. Afterward, take the anchovy out and use the soup as your ramen soup instead of water

13. Don’t whirl egg in the soup

This makes your soup messy. You can’t taste the clean ramen soup taste but somewhat eggy and it’s not delicious.

14. Milk or soy milk

You can add milk when the ramen is almost done or cook the ramen with milk instead of water. It sounds weird and can’t really picture it but surprisingly, this one tastes good. If you like, you can add soy milk as well.

15. ssamjang (*it’s Korean miso based paste mixed with red pepper paste and other spices)

This got the highest rate from one Korean tv show!

16. Make it chewy

When the ramen noodle is not completely cooked, cover the lid and put the fire out for 1 min. and it’s ready to serve!

Lots of thanks to the korean ramen lover who share the precious recipe! 🙂

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